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Available Therapists

Hi! I created this database of therapists with availability now, because there is often a narrative floating around that all therapists are full and help is inaccessible. In some rural areas, it's true, there either aren't any therapists, or they are all full. However, I think more often than not there are many therapists with availability!

Click here to access the database.

It is frustrating and time consuming to find a therapist.

My advice for you if you're overwhelmed is:

- Find a family member, friend, teacher, coworker, or clergy member to help you! Give them your insurance name and/or your budget and schedule and let them help you!

My favorite resource for finding therapists is Psychology Today, and I'd recommend searching this database first. You can filter by what insurances they take, therapist age, therapist gender, what mental health issues they work with, etc.

I'll link my document here! (Click here.) Take a look. If there is anyone you contact who DOES NOT have availability, please let me know so I can remove them. Please note: I am not recommending any of these therapists, nor can I speak to how well they work! It's simply a resource to connect you.

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